MA, M Agriculture, M Forest Eco. Sc., Diploma Rural Estate Management, AAPI, MIFA.

  • Patrick is a rural valuer of 40 years' experience, with two Masters qualifications, one in Agriculture, the other in Forestry.
  • He also has a Diploma in Rural Estate Management as well as a degree (MA) in Philosophy, Politics & Economics from Oxford.
  • He holds a Real Estate Agent's Licence and a Graduate Diploma in Education.
  • After 6 years with the Commonwealth Government as a Senior Valuer, Patrick started a dedicated rural valuation and land economy practice which operates exclusively in the areas of forestry and farming.

The practice is concerned only with rural assets.

  • I value all forms of primary production land for all purposes except mortgage lending.
  • I value timber plantations both land and trees.
  • I value natural forests, both trees and land.
  • I provide rental valuations of all classes of rural property including forests and plantations.
  • I undertake GIS mapping of farms and forests.
  • I advise farming families on property matters especially related to farm succession.
  • I advise rural investors, both institutional and private, on investment in agriculture and forest and I act on their behalf in the finding of suitable properties, their valuation and purchase.
  • I value farm infrastructure for tax depreciation schedules.
  • I undertake valuations of rural assets and market rentals for Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF)

The farming side of the practice covers all of Australia.

  • I act for property owners in the leasing of landed rural assets (farms and plantations).
  • I undertake economic and financial analysis and research.
  • I act as an expert witness.
  • I work anywhere in Australia.
  • The two things that I don't undertake are mortgage valuations and acting as a selling agent.
  • I am the only valuer in Australia with degrees in both Agriculture and Forestry.