Valuations for farmers & farming companies.

Valuations for all purposes (except mortgage) of farm real estate.

Stakeholders in Australian agricultural land require valuations for a number of purposes including financial reporting, taxation, litigation, probate, sale or purchase. Reliable farm valuations are provided in a number of reporting formats for all of these.

Assessment of market rentals for farms.

Market rental assessments are gradually becoming a more important part of farm business analysis. Rental advice is given not only regarding the levels of rental but also the treatment of rent reviews (a most important item), the recoupment of outgoings, the treatment of improvements made during the course of a lease, the treatment of dilapidations at lease termination and questions surrounding sub-leasing.

Assistance with decision making regarding farm succession matters.

With an ageing farm population the question of farm succession planning is becoming increasingly important and, in many cases, can cause significant problems within farming families. We give advice to succession and financial planners, solicitors, accountants and of course the families themselves regarding farm valuation, rental levels, the impact upon value of multiple ownership and other matters. The advice offered is ancillary to that provided by the professions mentioned above. We are not financial advisers but we do provide assistance to these other professions.

Wind farms: Valuation and advice.

The impact of wind farms on rural land can be significant. For landholders leasing to wind farm companies the income which can be generated is significant. Owners contemplating a lease to a wind farm operator often require general or specific advice regarding leasing and the various risks and rewards associated with it. Alternatively, landholders with property which is being affected by wind farms may require valuation advice in order to ascertain whether or not there is or will be, any impact on value..

Depreciation schedules of farm infrastructure.

Farm infrastructure including fences, gates, stock watering systems, buildings, roading, power supply and silos may be able to be included in depreciation schedules for the assessment of income or company tax. With appropriate instructions from accountants, we undertake such assessments which, in many cases, can be combined with farm mapping.

Investors in Australian farmland.

Investors, whether Australia or from overseas, interested in investing in farmland can be advised by Farm and Forest Valuations at all stages of the investment process from the discussion of general requirements to property identification, pre-purchase valuation, negotiation, leasing or introduction to organisations which can arrange management. 



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